Creative Projects in Schools

I have been working in schools for the last 14 years in West Wales. More recently my work has included training to become a successful Creative Practitioner working to deliver Arts in Schools with the Arts Council Wales.

In my work I use a ‘learning through doing’ pedagogy, endeavouring to teach without teaching, for example using willow and craft to teach maths!

I can deliver my creative work with willow in your school in two different ways:

Firstly, through project development and direct delivery in class. I have worked with KS1 students through to KS3.

Secondly, I can deliver twilight training sessions to your staff, enabling them to then use some of my techniques in the outdoors, using natural materials, to their pupils themselves.

For example: I am often employed to engage children in helping their understanding of Maths concepts through practical application.

To illustrate, a willow project can include developing understanding of geometry, non standard measures, and estimation of size and distance. By using games, hands on physical work, and outside of the box thinking, even the most reluctant students can be shown new ways of approaching mathematical problem solving.

I also work closely with staff to ensure their ideas are put into the project development, and am skilled at creating a safe space for all voices within the class to be heard. Any project is much more successful when the pupil voice, the staff, and the practitioner all work well together in creating the project vision.

In any of my work, we can focus on one topic, or more broadly using activities which are effective across the curriculum.

My daily fee for work in schools is £250 per day. If you would like to book my services, please contact me with details of your project idea.


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